I saw Harry Potter with my best friend this last Monday. Besides being another Harry Potter movie and seeing Rupert Grint all grown up, it reminded me of one of the reasons why I write and direct.

I want to create things people feel. That movie was an emotional and physically taxing ride. I thought about it the rest of the day. I want to do that, except with laughter.

I want to give people an escape, a 90 minute dream time where they can see what they want to see and live vicarioiusly through characters.

I write because I feel things and want to tell people. When I share I sometimes feel I’m putting myself out there. I forget and am sometimes amazed when other people feel that same way.

I also want to create something I think I’d enjoy reading. As an English major, you read brilliant things. After graduating, when you go to grab those same brilliant books, you realize how dark they are. That’s not what I want to read after a hard day. I don’t want fantasy either. I want to laugh. I want to read and laugh.
I also want other peole to laugh.