I have a sketch that has morphed into a play. That I like. My problem is my mind gets excited and helps too much. I’m grateful for my mind being on board and bringing several things to the table, but I had a set menu I was ordering from. All the things it brought also look really good.

It’s frustrating when I want it to be good and it feels all over the place. I felt it was clearly defined, now it’s muddy. Part of it is my impatience, which I need to work on. I’ve admitted this is part of the creation process. It’s like a collage now. I like an organized portrait. I had the idea and the logline sketched out. Then I kept getting scene ideas. I don’t know if all these ideas serve the main one.

Then I start wondering what’s the best way to present this material. What would be funniest? What will the audience enjoy and relate to? How will they feel included?

I know it’s better to have more than you need so you can cut away, but I hate cutting good, funnny material. Kind of like cleaning your plate when you’re already full: you don’t know when you’ll have another meal like that. I guess that’s why you have faith in the process. You know you will have another good meal and you know you will write well again. And the play will come together. We’re just getting everything organized right now.