Everyone thinks they are a geek about something. I love learning about the 1960’s. Never want to go there. Just want to learn about it.  Sometimes we’re embarrassed to admit it because others wouldn’t have pegged us as a fan. Sometimes it’s because when we start talking about it, we can’t stop. When you learn something new, you’re dying to tell someone. But when you tell some friends, their brows furrow, they start nodding at a steady pace, and they remind themselves they are your friend and they love you.

Writing is your opportunity to geek out like you have never geeked out before. Tell the world about that subject and allow them to enjoy it with you. Your subject can inspire characters, settings, situations, whole plots. Here are 5 reasons to embrace your inner geek and allow yourself to write well.

1)If you love it, you’re passionate about it. You can talk about it for hours. You love discovering little things about that subject. Little things make writing come alive.

Passion is captivating. You might have a way of explaining something that makes people understand and appreciate something. Ever gotten someone talking on something they love? Go to a car show. Ask the old man standing next to his hot rod about his hot rod. You will witness years shedding from his face and sparks in his eyes you didn’t think were possible. Ask the kid who lives in his Guns n Roses tee-shirt about the guitarist, Slash. Get yourself going about your love. See how many pages you fill without even trying. You have the opportunity to capture that excitement on the page and give it to someone else.

2)Research will rock. I’m writing about a British Invasion inspired band and their fans. Darn! I have to listen to the British Invasion music. I have to read about those bands and the crazy things some of their fans did. I get to watch YouTube videos of their concerts.
Point is, you already know a lot about your subject, but you while you are writing you will hit a patch where you need more detail. Or you need different information. You really know one area, but you need to brush up on another aspect.
But, as fun as researching is, watch yourself and the clock. You’re a writer, not a researcher.

3)You know your audience. There are other so-called geeks out there that get as excited about your subject as you. You know how and where to find them. You already have people who would be excited to hear what you’re writing about and would read the book or see the movie. You know what they expect and what they want. Because you are one of them, which leads me to…

4)You’re writing what you want to see or read.
You’ve seen every movie or read every book in this area, but you keep feeling “I wish (this) happened in these stories.” Or you ask, “Why doesn’t (this) ever happen?” You have the opportunity to fix that problem. Or while geeking out you’ve suddenly said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”Write and see what happens.  Satisfy your own curiosity. Take the subject you love on a journey. You can write the story you’ve always wanted to hear.

You’ll also know how your work differs from what has come before. You know how the nerd never gets what they want? Well, in this story they do.

5) You’ll be happy along the way. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Enjoying the ride? We love writing. That’s why we write. Kick it up a notch. Write about those things you think are silly or you feel you can’t share with anyone because  they can’t believe all you know. Of course there will be challenges. But you’re allowing yourself to geek out in semi private everyday. You’re trusting yourself and you’re trusting the process.