I could write a blog on work avoidance. Thinking about the different ways people avoid work is fascinating, not to mention work avoiding.

When I consider everything that goes into the business of writing (creating, publishing and marketing what you’ve created), I consider returning to dance. It seems easier.
Go from one competitive profession to another. No problem.

When I’m really stalled, it seems like to perfect alternative. I already work out, so I’d take it up a notch. I already watch what I eat, take that up a notch, so my belt would go up four. I’d get dance jobs, I’d get paid. Still be able to write. Fulfill two childhood fantasies.

Then I could write a nonfiction book, Returning to Dance, about my journey back to dance. After that gets published and is well received, my fiction stuff would go no problem.

This is work avoidance stemming from fear and lack of trust in myself.
My mind feels I’d have more control as a dancer, which isn’t true, but also isn’t false. I just need to apply the same principles to writing. I was a good dancer. I was good because I worked and told myself I had to be the best dancer out there, nothing less was acceptable. The result was I was good, but didn’t know it or enjoy dance.

Point is, I controlled what I could. I controlled myself. My extensions weren’t to my liking so I improved my flexibility until they were. I knew what I was good at and made sure they got stronger. I need to take that and apply it to writing. Yes, it’s a challenge, but if I wanted a pay check every 2 weeks and security I’d return to a 9-5. This is more than security. This is need meets business. I need to write. It’s how I make sense of the world and function. I help make people laugh. I can make people laugh and make them laugh harder by seeing where I need to improve, knowing my strengths, and nourishing those traits.

I’m not going to do it by writing then wondering if I still can bend myself in half. Well…