As an English major I read several books a week. Great works. Works that influenced cultures, provided comfort and hope, prophesied, and changed laws and policies. I was reminded why I wanted to write with every book. I wanted to be discussed in high schools and college classrooms. I wanted to provide hope and create communities. I wanted a young woman to close my book with a smile and say, “That’s what I want to do.”

When I was really active in human rights I wanted my book to change the world. I wanted my novel to be the change I wanted to see (to steal from Gandhi). I still have those aspirations and one day I’ll get there.

Here’s how I don’t think I’ll get there:

Everyone loved this movie that was out. It was the funniest thing ever written then filmed they told me. It owned the box office for weeks. So I saw it. Luckily it was at my house on DVD because I had to pace I was so furious. I lost faith in humanity. I wondered what my friends were thinking, if they were mentally okay. Maybe because they fell for the con and suffered through the movie, they wanted me to suffer through the movie. Who read that script and said, “I want to give these guys a couple of thousand?”

I vowed to dethrone it. I spent the rest of the night writing. That movie was going down. I would not let people go on thinking that was comedy.
Couple days later I asked myself, “Is this really what I want to write about?” I had never toyed with that subject before. Would I have to say “Inspired by (title of worst movie ever greenlit)”?

In a way it was being the change I wanted to see in the world. I provided a better alternative to the worst movie ever.

The goal of a writer is to write. I wrote. The next goal is to be read and improve your readers lives. So….maybe?

Inspiration is inspiration and motivation comes from anywhere and everywhere. I used them both to create a work I think is hilarious and refreshing.

Writers of the best movie ever made? Scoot your boot. I’m taking your crown.