Out of the blue, a friend of mine said I was the thinking man’s Taylor Swift. I kinda like it. I think it’s a compliment and I appreciate him telling me. I am not a particular fan of Taylor’s music, but I respect the girl. She’s found her niche and works it for all its got. She has a devoted following and is heading for world domination.
I made a quick list of what I think we have in common.

–Adjectives used to describe us: sweet, nice, cute. I’ll take that.

–We write our own material.

— We have cross platforms. She is country and pop music. I’m books, sketch, and screenwriting. She’s a little more estabilished than me, but I’m gaining.

–We use our own experiences in our material.

–People relate to what we write.

–We have nice hair. 🙂

So I will take Thinking Man’s Taylor Swift.