I parodied Hamlet. It’s not better than the original. It’s different and fun. Purists will probably have heart attacks. I wanted to see what would happen if all the roles were reversed. Hamlet is now a girl. Gertrude’s a guy. Claudius is a woman. Ofelia’s a man. Polonius is a woman.

It’s a refreshing feel with Hamlet as a girl. I think it makes some of points in the original stand out even more seeing all the roles reversed. A girl avenging her mother, calling out her father, taking on her gold digging stepmother. A girl telling her former boyfriend to get to a seminary (really fun part–I really enjoyed writing it). I’ve always been fascinated by Ofelia. She’s a pawn and it was fun seeing a pawn portrayed by a guy.

There’s a different tone to it. It lends itself much more towards comedy. I really like it. Maybe because I like the Reduced Shakespeare Company. It’s sped up Shakespeare.
I’ve reduced the speeches and dialogues to their jist and in everyday language. I know removing the nuances of Shakespeare’s work is near blasphemy. I’m sorry to say I had a lot of fun doing it and turning it into a comedy.

Some people can’t stand Hamlet. They say he’s crazy, that’s all there is to it, and want to know why we’re watching this. I’ve never understood those people. I’ve loved the play from the first time I read it back in high school.

I wonder if I parodied Hamlet because I want more people to enjoy it. All the information is the same. It’s just translated.

I wrote the parody for my upcoming sketch revue where we’ve switched the characters in movies, books, plays and music. It’s 7 pages right now, a bit long for a sketch.
Then I thought why stop there? What do I have to do to get permission to parody the entire play? Who do I have to contact for permission?

What have you wanted to parody?