NIU is putting on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, which will be good or very bad. The local newspaper interviewed the director for the full page article it was running and the director said “at least half of the audience is going to hate the play”. Well that’s how to get butts in the seats. Sure, come out in artic weather, pay $10, but you’re not going to enjoy yourself. I don’t know if they were asking him the wrong questions or if the man was just trying to be honest.

If you’re going out for a no thought process involved evening, Godot is not for you. The director expects most of the audience to already be familiar with the play, and I agree. From this article, I think that’s the only crowd you’re going to attract. I’m considering going because I have read it and would like to see how it is live.

The last quote from the director said he “wanted the play to be accessible to people”. Then don’t sound elitist in a full page article. It is dialogue heavy, like he said, but I really don’t think someone’s going to be sitting there, afraid to be outted because they don’t know what’s going on. I hope “accessible” doesn’t mean he “adapted” some bits, changed the lines so people could understand. They will understand if it is performed well.

I think I’ll still enjoy it, but I like the play. So that could be good or bad. I’ll let you know.