I’m speaking at the Bite Size Variety Hour next Tuesday and thought it would be great motivation to finally get my website up.
I’ve tried before to put up a website. It’s exciting. One step closer to the end. Your online presence. Well, the idea of an online presence, your introduction to people looking for more info on you, something that’s still working while you sleep, the fact your site can make or break you overwhelms me and I stare at the forms and ask, “What do you want me to say?”

I don’t know why creating a website is so daunting. People supposedly love talking about themselves. I should be able to write volumes, but it feels like pulling teeth.
I either end up making myself sound like the gift to comedy writing (so I just see people thinking, “Oh yeah? Prove it.”) or I read like a pared down Who’s Who entry. My bio can be so astringent it sounds like I’m channeling my inner Dragnet. There’s the facts, then there’s breathing life into those facts. They don’t have to lay there like strips of jerky drying on the internet.

Part of my performance anxiety stems from being a writer. I’m a writer. I’m supposed to be able to write well. I can make other people look great and sell their products, so why can’t I make myself look good? I look at some of the stuff I’ve written about myself and wonder who that is and why would I like to spend time with them. So I rewrite it, read it, and wonder what any of that info has to do with being a writer.

At the time I first started putting up a website I didn’t have any samples. I’d look at other writers websites and they’d have books they were selling. Wasn’t even close to having one to put up there. Now I have some video and some shorter sketches to put up there. When I have my book, I’ll be able to sell it there.

I think I was also afraid of the permanence of the thing. You couldn’t change it. You could, but it was this huge ordeal and I had gotten into my head the moment you take down your website is when someone is going to search for you.

I’ve now come to view my website as an evolving creature. When I have my book, I’ll need to add some type of store/shopping cart. When I have more video, I’ll need to add it. I’m taking a “less is more” approach this time. I’ve found a program that makes it delightfully easy to renovate your website. So I’m going towards my deadline knowing this is one of many phases. The big goal is to get a something up by Tuesday so when people ask if I have a website I can say yes.