I had the most phenomenal time at The IAE’s Bite Size Variety Hour at the Greenhouse Theatre this last Tuesday. Such a great time, I missed blogging on Monday to prepare and Wednesday to recuperate.

I was one of 7 artists telling the audience what we do and why. We were supposed to show what we do. I’m a satirical writer and one of the best examples of the type of writing I want to do is a song I wrote for my last sketch revue called “We Have to be Nice to the Nazis.” It comes from the point of view of an ACLU rep who defends the ACLU’s decision to allow the Nazi party to march in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. They feel if we’re nice to the Nazis, they’ll be nice to us.
So I solo-ed a song written and arranged for a cast of 6.

I was nervous speaking because after my last public speaking venture I believe in the separation of mind and body. I spoke at an IAE networking event mid February. I had practiced and wasn’t nervous. Got up there, still wasn’t nervous, but soon as I started talking, I started shaking. I had to hold the mike with two hands so I wouldn’t drop it. Now I wasn’t just speaking, I was singing.

But I proved to myself I wouldn’t die if I spoke and sang in public. I vibrated a little, but nothing compared to February.

People really enjoyed the song. It’s always great hearing laughter. I appreciate everyone who came up to me afterwards and said I was hilarious and did an amazing job.

Check out the other artists featured at the Bite Size Variety Hour:

Fotios Zemenides
Very bright, socially aware and wanting change painter, printmaker and sculptor

Nicole Harry
Designs beautiful jewelry and interior designs

Ely Eli
Really excited about this. Ely hosts and produces The Peoples Variety Hour, a show bringing attention to artists of all kinds and a place to bring and voice your concerns.

Tiffany Gholar
Had really cool art she had made from found objects.
The styles she featured were postconsumerism and recessionism.

Eric Malmquist
A very talented composer who shared his classical music with us. The founder of S O N G (Singers on New Ground).

Irvin Almonte
His paintings explore “the power of music as an agent of human emotions and psyche.”