It was my fault. I got excited and got in the car. We live and learn… I”m making it sound worse than it was.

The bartenders were nice. One talked to me about hockey. The other looked like Kid Rock except clean and not creepy.

I went to hear about the festival, what it is, what it wants to do. Kind of got that. They got up. Told us how much they loved Chicago (and New York should love Chicago, we supply them with a lot of talent). They explained the contests with the festival (one for scripts and one for a pilot). If we had any other questions we can go online. Really? Thanks.

Then they opened it for a Q&A session. First hand goes up.
“I have a question…” In a Q&A session? Wow! Hold on to your hats for this one.
Next question: “Do we have to get the rights to the music we use in our pilot?” No. Use this opportunity to screw over fellow artists. Royalties be darned. And that was pretty much the tone of the organizer in his answer.

After they tell us how much the love Chicago and we have a plethora of talent, we come up with zinger questions like that.
“What kind of material can we submit?” Hmmm…to the script contest? I’m going to go with a script. To the pilot competition where they just said you can submit anywhere from 4 to 22 minutes of footage, submit your doctoral thesis on photosynthesis. I know they were asking for more information, but when the organizers just said they’re looking for comedy and if we want more information go to the website, maybe reword the question.

I wasn’t thrilled driving an hour and a half to be told if I’m interested go to the website, but when you don’t know what you’re in for, what are you going to do?

Ran into a former teacher though. Got to tell him I had another show up, I was directing, and I liked his photo of R2D2 on his Facebook profile. Meet the friend he came with.

It wasn’t a total loss (nice bartenders and seeing a former teacher). A not- even- a- sales- pitch was worth the gas I spent driving down there and hunting for parking.