There’s going to be a new TV show dedicated to promoting sketch comedy in Chicago called Chicago Comedy Show? (the question mark is included). I heard about it and they were looking for applicants, so I applied. I told them about Girls In Glasses and our current show. I applied because I didn’t think we’d make it in.

Well, they emailed me yesterday and said they’d like to interview us next Sunday! So I’m contacting everyone in my group, hoping they’re free Sunday.

It’ll be exciting. I really hope it helps marketing. It’ll be a great experience at least.

Then today I get an email from another organization for a Chicago Launch Party. The New York Television Festival will be in town tonight. Apparently (I don’t follow a lot of happenings in TV, I’m sorry) they’re an organization who wants to raise the bar on TV, better quality, subjects, shows, etc. That’s one of the things I’d love to do in TV so I’m baja-ing into Chicago in a bit.

I have some ideas but haven’t seriously thought about TV because I don’t like a lot of TV now. I have some favorites but they’re very specific and I don’t know if I could write for those shows. I’d love to improve comedy on TV so I’m going with general curiosity and a lot of questions.

I’ll let you know how it goes and more information about Chicago Comedy Show? as it arises.