I am a hockey sister. My brother has played since he was 3 years old and I’ve witnessed the sacrifices, heartbreak, and successes of a hockey player progressing through the levels.

When he made his first Junior team, I got my first script idea. People who don’t grow up in a hockey family or with a hockey player don’t understand hockey. It’s not just a game; it’s a lifestyle. Hockey people understand late night practices, travelling across the state and country for games and tournaments, and other nuances that separates hockey from other sports.
I was going to explain hockey in a screenplay.

I need to rewrite that script and get it back out there, but I’ve had some other ideas since then.
Since I’m doing sketch comedy, I want to do a hockey themed sketch comedy revue. I’m tentatively calling it Hockey 101 because it’s an all-encompassing overview of the hockey world from the butchering of last names (the goalie Roy is pronounced “wah” not “roy”, Toews is “taves” not “toes”-part of the fun of the game), Pierre’s Between the Glass (he sits between the benches during the game and analyzes the players–I want the guys to hear him and beg to differ) and The Campaign to Abolish Puck Bunnies.

That last sketch idea got me thinking. I’m not a player. I can empathize all I want, I won’t completely and fully get it. My reality is growing up watching and trying to support (failing sometimes) my brother who is a hockey player.
I know what it’s like to be a hockey sister.

I started writing with a TV pilot in mind but it quickly grew into a full-fledged screenplay. It just poured out of me. All the frustrations, the blocks and limitations, and the perks and benefits of being a hockey sister.

I think it is funny. I think it’s focused enough it’s particular to growing up in a hockey family but still broad enough non-hockey people get it. That’s where I usually get in trouble. Non-hockey people really don’t get it. They look at you with a furrowed brow and say, “Why?” The only answer is, “Because that’s what you have to do. Because it’s hockey.”