I like marketing. I do. It can be exciting. Letting everyone know what you’re doing. You’re doing them a favor really; giving them an opportunity to improve their lives. I’m providing them with laughter and an opportunity to discover new talent. With proper planning, organization, and execution you can improve a lot of people’s lives. Editors also help make this happen by printing your press release, knowing a good thing when they see it, or putting you on their online calendar of events. Even when they are saturated with press releases, I’m still optimistic they will recognize us as a diamond among the roughage.

My writing partner, Jaclyn Sorci, and I are fortunate to enjoy marketing. We realize it is something we need to do in order to succeed and it can be fun. Really it can be. So many people act like it’s torture or a last resort. To a certain extent, if you build it they will come. But you also need to build it and let people know it’s available to them and where to find it.

Several other people have “built it” the same time you have. Some have a stronger track record than you, so you need to explain why people should spend their free evening and limited excess funds on you. We all are providing hope, escapism, laughter, new ideas…
Get competitive. You’re inviting someone to your party and it’s going to be a better party than the one they were originally planning on attending. You are being a good person by letting people know this exists.

Like minds like to hang out and know others of their kind exist. I’m contacting colleges. I’m contacting the film, English, and theatre departments and any student groups in there to see if they’d be interested in attending.

I’m contacting the organizations I’m involved in to let them know what I’m up to. I’ve appreciated their events, I think they’d enjoy mine.

My last show I joked about “blackmailing” bands. I reminded them of all the shows I attended of theirs, when I was the only one in the audience not related to them. I enjoy their art. I think they’d enjoy mine. Some bands had shows the same nights as my show, but others showed up.

The frustrating thing about marketing is you can do everything you can think of and the end result still be less than desirable. That’s the risk you take. You beat the odds by keep trying. Do everything in your control so you know you did everything you could and then keep at it and follow-up.

Marketing is part of the journey. You keep practicing and getting better.