I don’t consider this tech week because I feel in order to have tech you need a stage for it really to be complete. We had tech on Monday. We have a rehearsal tonight to fine tune and me to make clear to my cast how awesome they are for pulling together in 3 weeks. We open Friday.

The only way I feel comfortable calling this tech week is tech rehearsal on Monday is a kick off to a week that is similar to riding Raging Bull late at night: you’re sitting there in your car and you keep going up. You don’t remember the ascension this steep earlier in the day. You can’t see the ground, the rest of the track; you can only see the stars above you and hear the silence of the other passengers as they realize we’re still going up. Tonight we’re at the top of that first drop, where the cars slow to a precarious stop. You look forward all you see is darkness. Opening night gravity takes over and pulls you on one of the most memorable rides of your life.

Monday was the first and last time we had access to the stage before opening Friday. We had an hour and fifty minutes to block, do a run through, make sure yes, person A can get where they need to go.
Needless to say, I was antsy. My sugar grasped at fibers, desperate not to crash. Caffeine revved the crowd in my head. I sized the wig my mom made for the Ralphunzel sketch on the actor.

10:02 and the class was still in the theatre. We now had one hour forty-eight minutes to do all we needed to do. I needed to talk to and work with my first Tech Director. The other one I had worked with was my dad, who is a pro sound and lighting designer.

Something I need to work on is when I feel rushed, I tend to mumble and get in my head. We started blocking. I knew we had a lot to get through so I’d move onto the next sketch, except I’d forget to tell the cast we were moving on.

The Tech Director, Jason Flowers, showed up. We finished blocking and I had Jaclyn take them through tops and bottoms to work on fluidity of  transitions while I talked to Jason. You go to the top of the scene, the first position in the sketch, and the bottom of the scene, the last position in the sketch, and you continue through the run through.

In the lighting box, I confessed the only other TD I had worked with was my dad. Jason asked for my running order and the sketches, which I had. We went through the sketches noting where they were taking place (kitchen, Land of Oz), any special effects or music in the sketch.
Then we did the run through.

It was good. It felt like a final first draft, all the components are up and in one place. We discovered a speed trap which we’ll work on tonight. But it’s a good little show. I know they’ll be even better with an audience.