One of my new projects is writing songs for a cabaret.  The cabaret will be June 19th at the Green Mill in Chicago. I got paired with a composer because I can do lyrics but melodies are mysteries. Our deadline for the songs is May 19th. Need to get moving.

I met with composer Sarah Ritch (http://sarahjritch.wordpress.com/ ) yesterday.

We are going to be a bridge between the two other composers. They are on two ends of the spectrum; one is more traditional, the other more experimental. We’ll be in the middle with satire.

I’m excited. I thought I was going to write one song. I’m going to be writing three! We agreed the songs should have social commentary but, because we’re not sure how everyone identifies and feels in the audience, to keep it general (i.e. don’t go after the Tea Party when the sponsor is a Palin fan (why a Palin fan would be at a cabaret, I don’t know)).

She thinks I have the hard job which I think is funny. I’m amazed people can create music. I hear music in things. I can hear music in poetry when it’s read  aloud. I can’t look at what I’ve written and make it a song. I asked my last music director if he heard music. He said, “You can’t?” I rephrased the question. I go around and I’ll think up something funny or I’ll hear bits of dialogue all of a sudden or a way of describing something. “Oh yeah,” he said. “All the time.” It makes sense just as much as my bewilderment does. I can sit down and free write forever and something may become of it. He can sit down and play something and something may become of it. We both don’t get how the other does it.

I’ll make sure I’ll do a good job. This is something new for me and I’m looking forward to see how it goes. I got into song writing as an assignment for a Second City class and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I wrote a really good song for my first solo show and sharing that song with others has led to this opportunity. I’ve always enjoyed different types of music but never really tried songwriting. I’m starting to get the hang of lyrics.

It’s going to be a challenge I’m sure; because I’m excited there are going to be hiccups. It’ll be something nice to add to the resume.