As a writer, I have sinned. I am not a die-hard Tina Fey fan. I know as a writer and a woman in comedy, she should be my idol. I respect and admire her and appreciate all her trailblazing for women in comedy. But I do not become a giggly, frothy mess when her name is mentioned, ending with whispering, “I love her.” ( A total aside, my problem with those people is many of them act like Fey is the first woman in comedy, like she was the first woman on SNL (Gilda Radner, anyone?). She is the most current example and I would say one of the most famous and successful.)

So I’ve taken it upon myself to watch 30 Rock. I am having a 30 Rock Marathon.

After watching the first season I can say this:

  • It’s a lot smarter than most TV. I wasn’t thinking “This is funny because I’m tired” or “Really? That’s funny?”
  • I really like a woman as a lead character and we see the woman at her job (yeah, I know that’s the whole concept of the show and she’s the lead, but when did you see the women of Sex and the City at their jobs?). She is also a boss. There is some dating but it’s not the show’s focus or goal for her to end up with someone at the end.
  • I like how the humor comes from and is about the characters and their little microcosm. They are poking fun at each other but not at something they do not have control over.
    It’s not about setting other people up for personal amusement and because they can. The characters have lives. They’re not taking cheap outs like making fun of old people for being old or people with exceptionalities for being exceptional. It’s about dealing with the many stresses of life, like the job you worked hard to get, dealing with co workers and your boss while being expected to have a social life.

Tina’s wearing me down. I respect her more and can say I’m a fan. She’s winning me over like she’s done with so many others to become the makings of the legend she is today.