When my mind and I are on the same page, we’re a pretty formidable team. It’s kind of fitting since my last post dealt with writers being pack rats. We save things because we never know when they’ll come in handy. Well, something I saved is going to come in handy.

People have advised giving people something when they sign up for your mailing list. I only recently realized maybe I should do a mailing list. That’s something bands do…why do I need a mailing list? A mailing list let’s people know what’s going on and tells them about upcoming events…like future sketch shows and other appearances…oh. So once I get my mailing list up I’d like to give people something. I know I’ve signed up for things for freebies–free song downloads, free books, or just karma, knowing if I’m nice to them and help them it will come back around.

I haven’t thought of what to give people. I’m already working on a couple of projects and didn’t want to work on another book just to give away. People have suggested a how to book. Again, why put together a potentially in- demand how to book only to give it away for free? I’ve considered giving away a sketch, but I have videos of those.

I was going through my computer last night trying to find some songs I’d written when I stumbled across a book of poetry I’d written a while ago. It’s called Avenging Jen and it’s a collection of body image poetry I wrote when Jennifer Love Hewitt was attacked in the media for “being fat”. Not to profit from her pain, but it helped me with my body image. If one of the women coveted by my guy friends is called fat and ugly, something is really screwed up and I should not be as worried.

I realized I could give that away! It’s not the best, but you should see some of the ebooks I’ve been given. I’ll need to brush it off and fine tune it, but I think people will enjoy it. I still write to a lot of those themes and it’s worthy of people’s email addresses.

And who knows, it could lead to something greater. So once I get my website up and operational, the mailing list will be in full swing. Let me know if you’d like to be added so you can receive your free gift of awesome poetry.