I was already mulling over some things when I decided to drive to Barnes and Noble to read. I thought it would clear my mind and help me reset. I read a screenwriting magazine. I read about this screenwriter who made 3 spec sales in 6 months, which is awesome. I then read about how his father is an established film director.

It probably has nothing to do with his writing ability and the sales. He still had to write the scripts. He has talent. Raised in that household with those surroundings, he better.

I was on the edge of the diving board before I read his article then some of the things he said just tanked me. I had my quarter life crisis driving home–what am I doing? What have I been doing?

When I got home I reminded myself I was in control of my reactions (and that magazine always depresses me). I could continue to swim in my sea of pouting or I could do something. I wrote down all the ideas that have been floating around, picked one and started writing it.

Yeah he’s a hollywood brat but he still wrote 3 script and got them out there. I haven’t exactly been writing scripts recently and sure haven’t been getting them out there. I’ve been writing sketches which will help my screenwriting. Or so I’ve been telling myself.