I love it when characters take over. I get to sit there and be a medium. I get to discover the story like a reader.
You just watch the movie in your head and write down what you see. You write in as much detail as possible to convey what your seeing so another person can see what you’re seeing, convey how it makes you feel, the lighting, color schemes…

Then the characters do something unexpected. I had an idea of what the story is and where I wanted it to go and it is still going in that general direction. I have characters off roading, taking the long road, taking detours, and picking up hitchhikers. I just think it’s funny when you write something and you wonder, “Who wrote that?” The character says something that sounds so true but you go, “What? Yeah, he loves her, but he just told her. He’s supposed to save that until the end.” Well, he just did. Now what?

Someone told me the story knows what it wants to do, you as the writer just have to get out of the way. I agree. I still get in the way, but I’m getting better. I need to trust the story.

I’ll hear something or get an idea and kill the flow of the story. The characters will get quiet. Everyone was fine until the writer wanted to feel included so she jumped in and put her two cents in. It’s like the author doesn’t know what’s going on.
But the ensemble of the story wants the author to feel good so they try it. They go along with it. They do the scene a little rigid, looking out the corners of their eyes. They know it’s not working, but they’re trying. The author will figure it out and won’t interrupt next time. This scene will be rewritten later. We take all suggestions. You need to try it to see if it will work.

It’s been fun getting out of the way of the story. Even if it wasn’t where you expected to end up, it’s still good. It’s like a road trip with friends. You have a destination but you see something and need to stop to take a picture. You create memories. The journey is more important than getting there, so enjoy it.