If you find yourself unable to change for your health or well being, you might consider evolving for the sake of your writing.

You’ll enjoy writing a whole lot more. You know you are a good writer and know why you are writing. A lot of stress is eleviated just by knowing those two things. Your confidence improves so you show up to write more. You consider taking more risks with your writing, then you actually take the risks.

You are able to improve your story. It becomes a lot more interesting to you and the readers. You can talk about actual issues instead of the same old “one day my prince will come, woe is me” romantic comedy. You can write the new romantic comedy because you are new. If you’re looking to be saved, you can’t write about someone who has already figured out they need to be the hero of their own life. You can’t identify with it. You can empathize all you want, but it’s an experience a lot like looking on the otherside of the window.

If you are evolved, your characters will be more evolved or you have the freedom to work with them. You understand them on a different level. They have these traits because they are this way. If they challenge these beliefs in this manner, they may end up this way. It’s a more empowering interaction than your writing exercises of filling in characters traits. It feels so much more honest. Because you are more aware of yourself and why you are the way you are, you bring the same awareness to your characters.

Because you trust yourself and your characters, you’re able to challenge them more. Stakes can be heightened to insurmountable odds. You know they will be okay if you want them to be (or if that’s the way the story is going).

It’s nice not having issues to resolve in your writing. It feels like an open canvas. You have ideas and what you need to create them. All you have now is time and the ability to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with you, which is why I like to use the word “evolving.” Challenging and quieting your inner dialogue frees up a lot of space and allows for opportunity and possibility.