So my mom and I are opening a tea shop. I feel good because I know I’m helping her. It has helped me get organized. Up in the morning. Work out or go to the shop. In the evening, I have time to write. When you have a lot of time, like all day, you have a lot of fluff time. You look things up. You do other things. I try to see how much I can get done between 9 pm and midnight. I can speed handwrite. I can read what I’ve written or (at least figure out a word by looking at the others). I’m very good at having To Do lists and going down them.

I don’t have time for writer’s block on my novel. It’s take the first idea that comes and try it. Go with the flow until you have to say, “Stop.”

Opening the shop has inspired some freelance articles I’m looking forward to developing.

Funny how when you’re busy you become more efficient…