I’m uploading videos of my sketches and thought I’d explain a little more about them.

In “Netflux”, we flipped the sexes of well-known characters to see how the stories would be different. I made the 3 Kings in the nativity story 3 queens. How would that be different?

The queens would probably already be mothers so they would bring practical gifts, something to help Mary, a first time mom. They’re not bringing frankincense, myrrh, and gold. What’s a baby and a mom going to do with that?
They bring a onesie (embroidered with “Future King”) so he stays warm, a donkey car seat so he’s safe on the trip home, a busy box and mobile so he’s occupied and quiet, and a wind up swing so when he gets finicky, Mary can put him in and he’ll be out in seconds. It’s much more of a baby shower and experienced moms helping the first time mom.

Brad Rickert did the omen duty playing the Virgin Mary. He played a great first time mom who was nervous and excited. Ana Radice, Victoria Montalbano, and Jami Primmer played the three queens with gorgeous heavy Jewish accents. Each time they did the sketch it made me so happy. It was just like I’d imagined it and how I wrote it. Chris McGillivray and Jim Vozzella played two of the three kings who were late because they didn’t ask for directions.

I had them come in up the stairs to the stage so it looked like they were coming in from outside and travelling from far away. They sang “We three queens of orient are, bearing gifts and travelling far…”

Chris suggested a way to improve the button on the scene, the end line, that really made the scene. Jami earlier in the scene says, “You can tell who his father is.” Brad says, “He’s born in the image of man.” “Ye-ah…Okay.” We call back to that line at the end when the kings come in. Jim says, “You can tell who his father is.” Brad says again, “He’s supposed to be born in the image of man.” Originally I gave Jami the last line, “Not with that schnozz.” Chris brought up a good point. She’s already seen the kid. It’d make more sense for one of the kings to say what everybody’s thinking, but not supposed to say. So I gave the schnozz line to him and it made the scene.

It took almost all my biblical knowledge to write, but it’s one of my favorites and makes me smile. They did it so naturally well.
Hope you enjoy it.