I’ve never been a huge fan of fairy tales. The princess waits for her prince to come, gets in trouble, and needs to be saved. They do a lot of waiting, a lot of dreaming. They rarely can take care of themselves. I’m not saying they shouldn’t need anybody, but a little gumption would be nice. I don’t think we should teach girls to be passive. It’s a state they can be stuck in until they’re an adult.

I didn’t think we could have a show about flipping character genders to show how they’d be different without mentioning fairy tales. We’ve all grown up with them and they’ve influenced us one way or another. Originally I wanted to show how unbalanced fairy tales were by flipping Cinderella to Cinderello.

I did a little bit. I made Princess Charming someone who rebuilt her family’s empire and made it more progressive. She doesn’t need rescuing, but she wants love and a partner.

When you flip the genders of the characters, there are a lot of factors to consider. One factor is why are you flipping the characters? The main purpose was to show how stories would change if the characters were the opposite sex because of the different cultural and  life experiences men and women undergo. men and women are raised differently. They interact differently. Not better or worse, just different.
When I flipped “Hamlet”, King Claudius was now Claudia, a woman who killed her sister for the throne. The relationship between sisters can be different from the relationship between brothers. Why would a sister kill her sister for the throne (besides she wants the throne)? Would she be a gold digger or would she be venomous, someone you just don’t mess with?

With Cinderella, I mashed it with a Cinderella underdog story. The stepfather asks Cinderello to take a “dive”, not be able to fit his foot in the shoe, and his life will improve. Cinderello’s tempted only to protect the mice. The Fairy God Coach encourages Cinderello to be the fighter he is and Cinderello fits his foot in the shoe.

It’s a physical scene and they did a great job performing it.

I’m posting the link in another post.