I have been writing a song a day. When I say “song”, I mean half a song: I just do the lyrics.

I discovered I liked songwriting through a Second City assignment. Since then, I’ve had some well received comedy songs. I’d like to improve and be even funnier. Tom Lehrer’s “Vatican Rag” is my goal. I came close with one song. I’d also like lyric writing to come a little easier. I have to think a little longer about what I’m writing than I would a sketch or prose. I would also like to have a nice selection to choose from when someone asks me for a song.

I’ve found  my writing improved overall by writing daily. It’s like working out. Yes, you can work everything on one day, show up at the gym at 5 am and not leave until 5 pm. You run the risk of injury, exhaustion, and not wanting to work out again because it was hard and too much. You’re better off doing a little bit each day. I write daily and decided to add writing a song a day.

Usually I write a phrase, some words that rhyme together, or just a subject and free write why I think that’d make a funny song (or a song that is funny) or what angle I would take to make that subject funny.

This week I’m taking that phrase and creating the chorus then using the chorus to make the verses. I heard some one say the chorus is your thesis statement, the verses are the points you want to flesh out to support your thesis, and the bridge can either support your thesis or bring out “counter arguments”. That makes sense to me and I like it. That is usually the way I approach a song.

It’s been a  challenge. They’re all rough drafts but at least they are missions accomplished. It’s Thursday and I have 4 songs written. I’ve written about parallel parking and how good it makes me feel when I pull it off, how turn signals are not illegal, red heads, and making excuses for dating someone you don’t like.

I’m trying to decide if my next step is to learn an instrument in order to learn music so I can try to compose music for the lyrics I’ve written, or just enjoy writing lyrics. It would be fun to put together an EP or an album showcasing what  I can do, but I could also use that opportunity to showcase the fabulous music directors and composers I know.

We’ll see.