“Are you crying?” someone asked the person next to them behind me in the theatre.
“No.” She replied. Sniffle.

Everything was so ominous. “It ends tonight,” like it was the end of our world. Screw Rapture, Harry Potter’s final movie is out. Take a last look at your favorite characters because you’ll never see them again. No more quips from the Weasleys. No more Snape. No more Hermione. It was depressing.

One of the people I saw the movie with said people were calling it the end of our childhood. I disagreed until I thought about it. Yeah, it really is the end of something. I felt it in my body, “What are we going to do?”

I remember when the first book came out and took off. Kids were reading (I was a mighty eighth grader, so “kids”…). Some groups were trying to ban the book because it dealt with witchcraft. It gave hope to other authors–maybe people will like my book, maybe I’ll make money with my book.
Then the movies started. Even when the book series ended and the last book had been released, it was okay. Every year or year and half we knew there would be a movie.

Then I realized the Harry Potter movies were one of  the reasons I got into screenwriting and wanting to create my own movies. I loved the world Rowlings created and getting to see it in a movie was like looking into a doll house for the first time. There were all these cool little rooms, little nooks and crannies, intricate details.
Everything went away when I watched a Harry Potter movie. I could be having a bad day, being hard on myself, a whole myriad of things. But as I watched the movie, everything would fall away. I think that’s what movies are supposed to do.

The films were something you could rely on. You knew they’d be there. You knew it’d be good. Yeah it might set up for the next film (Guess what? It’s in a series).
I knew I’d get irritated with Harry, but I could rely on Hermione and especially Ron to make the movie enjoyable.

I’m also a Snape fan. I think I’m a Snape fan purely because Alan Rickman does a great job portraying him (and I’m not a Harry fan so any character that makes him responsible and calls him out I enjoy). The last book and film were great vindication for Snape fans. I don’t think another actor could have pulled it off the way Alan Rickman does. Who else could play that frigid exterior then so wounded and distraught? Exactly.

But the series has come to a close. There is a sense of something being done. Something so many of us grew up with. Like it or loathe it, everyone knew what Hogwarts was and everyone knew there was an option of escaping into something magical.

But with the end of something, there is always a beginning, whether you create it yourself or look forward to the next magical obsession.