There is a wrought iron fence that wraps the corner of First and Lincoln Highway. Many local events use it to advertise, string up huge banners or painted signs. I drove by to see something new advertised: “Gavin Wilson Unplugged”.  After I saw that, I realized what a small, sweet town this is. We all have dreams and it’s nice to be in a place that allows you to pursue them. 

Gavin Wilson is a local actor/ director. According to Dreamers Theatre website, he has an extensive performing background in both community and professional theatre for 20 years. Everyone needs a hobby. It doesn’t mean you share it with people. Wilson did create Dreamers Theatre. I do believe you should be the change you want to see in the world and DeKalb does need theatre and a theatrical outlet for kids and teenagers. This does not mean it has to be bad. Gavin Wilson is also a financial representative with County Financial. So we will be letting the insurance man talk at us for an evening.

Wilson was never plugged in. Or if he was, it’s when you plug your computer in and it’s still not charging. Then you realize there’s no power in that wall. The outlet is dead.

I will not be spending money to hear an insurance man yap because I spent money to see “Waiting for Godot”. Or Go-dot or go-doe, depending which pronunciation he and his scene partner decided to use in that particular scene. There are many jokes in “Waiting for Godot”, showing how many ways to say “Godot” is not one of them. I digress…

Then to my horror, I saw “9th Annual”. This has been going on for 9 years. That is wrong.

Now I have not seen Mr. Wilson’s one man show so my criticism may be unprecedented.  His bio also says he taught improv. I am an improv snob. I get nervous when people say they improv or teach improv but didn’t train at Second City, Improv Olympic, The Annoyance or another reputable place. We all improv and shoot from the hip. It’s called daily communication (and we all know how well that goes). Just because we do it does not mean we do it well and should lead others.

I’m just saying it’d be a little different if another local celebrity was to come home, say Cindy Crawford, and gave a talk on, oh I don’t know, how to pursue your dreams when people advise you against it, you can be smart and beautiful, how to be more photogenic, or even how to date Richard Gere.