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Paul McCartney played in Chicago recently. Even if you don’t love the man, he’s someone you want to meet. He is a living legend. Looking at him and thinking about him amazes me. Back in the 60’s, when he was in his 20’s he created music and was in a group that changed so many things from music, concerts, to people. In his 20’s. I don’t know what you were doing in your 20’s… He was in a group that is a religion for some people.  Then he went on to create more music with other groups. Whether you like all parts of him and his life, his career is incredible.

I knew I couldn’t afford to go to the concert so I entered a contest. It was the last day of the contest so I didn’t expect too much. Let a fairy tale miracle happen for someone else.

Something cool happened.

I co-own a tea shop with my mom. I wasn’t there for some reason when this happened so it is second hand. The day of the McCartney concert arrived. We’re a good hour and a half from Chicago. It was near the end of the day, last few minutes before closing. A limo pulls up. A man and an older woman step out and come into the shop.

The man is vibrating. He searches the shelves almost doing laps he’s going through so fast. The woman floats in, calm and collected. My mom asked the man if she could help him.

When the limo arrived at his house, he found out he was going to the concert. Not only that, he was going backstage. He was meeting Paul. His mother knew the Beatles back when. The son wanted to take Paul something, because you have to take him something, don’t you? I mean it’s Paul. He thought tea would be good because Paul probably drank tea.

So Paul McCartney has one of our green bags of tea with our little store label on it.

It was so sweet hearing the effect one man had another man. Paul gave to him, so the son wanted to give back. It is also nice to feel you have that type of degree of seperation from someone that legendary. It helps me smile when I listen to those friends who did go to the concert and as they say, “Oh you wanted to go? Wish we knew. We had an extra ticket.” I will hear Paul someday. Right now I’m thrilled someone had a magical experience.