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I know choosing which project I’m going to pursue is a redundant topic with me. I apologize. I sound like an ungrateful brat, “Oh, which topic should I play with now?” Any. Just do it. Get it done so you’re accomplished. I always think I have a handle on it until it happens again…my project ADD. Maybe it’s fear of commitment. Maybe it’s  fear of missing out on fun. To add onto my analogy of driving and taking detours for my career, I’m doing doughnuts. Well, maybe more at one of those crazy divisions on the highway both choices sound wrong, Indiana or Wisconsin, so which one do you choose?

Nanowrimo is coming up (November is National Novel Writing Month, thus Nanowrimo) and this year is always going to be the year. Like all years, I mean it this year. It probably would be most advantageous for me to use the month to rewrite the novels I’ve written flesh out, reshape, like it) but where’s the fun in that? There’s a lot of fun. Until a couple of days ago I had my plan of doing just that–dedicating the month to rewriting and typing up my 50,000 word rough draft.

A couple of days ago a reoccurring idea I have for a book became so real to me, it was tangible.  The world I was talking about was a reality. The concept is an answer to a “what if” question: what if a woman returned to dance to prove something to herself and turned out to be successful? I could feel it. I understood everything. It flowed. It oozed. I wanted to drop everything and write the opus right then and there, something other people would enjoy.

That idea opened the flood gates. I have been pretty good about focusing (I have) on one idea. I’ll have other ideas, but I’ll put them on back burners. I have a stove any professional kitchen would envy. Looks a little bit like”Hell’s Kitchen” but… The dance idea has returned to a simmer, only to let another boil over.

There’s one idea I stopped working on because it unsettled me how easily I could get into character. A woman is obsessed with someone and she orchestrates her life around him and meeting him “naturally”.  The three main characters are obsessed with something and it becomes a battle of the obsessed. On top of all that it was funny. Scary, but funny. I do like dark comedies, but this one needed a flash light to see your way down the aisle. I came across the song that inspired the idea and it reawakened. It was surprisingly fresh for being abandoned and hidden under other folders.

I think it’s interesting how some ideas are immortal. Ideas don’t die. They hibernate and when you’re ready for them, they awaken for their spring. You have caves of sleeping bears inside you. I have one dancing in front of me, wondering what I’m going to do with him, and I have two who just got up and are rather hungry.

Rewriting for the month of November is winning. It is more responsible, instead of creating new material. Rewriting is a skill I need to work on. What’s attracting me to the dark comedy is it’s different. It’d break me out of some of the similar things I’m writing. I really like how the characters are so convinced they’re right and entitled.

I have a week decide. I’ll make the right choice.