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I originally planned on blogging everyday during the month of November in honor of Nanowrimo. Kind of a literary blow by blow, how some sports shows go to training camps and follow the players from arrival to the big game. Kind of like 24/7 in hockey? following the two teams competing for the Stanley Cup.

Not that you wanted to hear from me on a daily basis or that I’m something great like one of the athletes you’d follow. I like behind the scenes stuff. I like seeing the concert get set up. I like candid blips from the group. They add a little something to the main event. Yes now he’s a lead guitarist but back in high school he used to cut class, sit on an empty stage and play. He’d think, “Someday…” He now plays for sold out crowds and still thinks “Someday…” (Mike Nesmith during The Monkees).
I thought maybe you’d like to see a writer in the trenches.

Well, I didn’t post during the first week (sorry). I’ve decided to go with the rewrite project. While I was looking over things, I realized I hadn’t written as much as I thought. I had outlines and notes and character sketches. This is an idea I’m proud of. I don’t grimace when I think about it or consider telling other people.

Because I’m an underwriter, I’m aiming for atleast 2,000 words a day. I’d like to have a 60,000 novel by the end. I’d like to have more to work with than less and wonder how to fluff it out. I’ve been writing in the morning after working out. My mom and I are going to be doing split shifts at the shop. I’m going to be in the evening so this is going to work out.

Fortunately I’ve had an idea of what i’m going to write each session. When it has been slower I go back to the characters, see if there is any tension I can bring out, and show what is going on in their heads.

I don’t want this key scene to happen until the middle, almost at 30,000 words, so I’ve been playing with complications.

There will be work to be done when the month is up, but the work will be there.