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The honeymoon period has ended and the whining begins. Tuesday is the new Monday where if it can go wrong or be challenging, it is. The writing isn’t the problem; there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. The physical aches and pains are annoying.

The story is coming slower, but still able to make the quota. I have some fluff because I’m not ready for one of the characters to confess something. It’s annoying because I know it can be better. I didn’t want to be writing just for word count. I keep telling myself we’ll return to that and make it better.

I’m typing the first draft of this novel which will be a life saver and may also kill me in the process.
I wear glasses because i have nerve damage in my eyes. I have permanent double vision and sensitivity to light. Every now and then my eyes feel like they’re about to melt and ooze out of their sockets. Sometimes I want to take a melon baller and scoop them out, just kind of help them out. Then my temple feels like it’s going to cave in. Usually it’s not bad. When it hits…