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And day 10 hit and the words came like I was dragging myself through the mud. I am not revealing the character’s secret until somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000. I have a goal and I’m hitting it.

I took a break and updated my word count on my Nanowrimo profile to make myself feel better. It was a glint, but I did feel better. I had not hit my daily quota and my mind was feeling dehydrated. I looked at one of the pep talks. They suggested doing something crazy, something spontaneous just to get the blood going again. That’s what I needed. Not to use a football analogy with what people as heated over what has happened recently, but when you’re down, what do you have to lose? Do the Hail Mary.

My antagonist is plotting so I let him plot. My main characters are about to explode, they all just want to curl up in a ball, so I let them blow off steam by playing. I crushed my sudden staleness. It was as fun as playing in the gardens like my characters. I was able to bring along some tension and move to the next plot point. They can no longer leave their location.

Playing in the mud can be a lot of fun. I even listened to some Crosby, Stills, and Nash on Pandora…and enjoyed it. That’s how good the fresh writing was.