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Hitting the two-week marker, I have come to realize that Pandora radio is a life saver. It has all the music I do not, so I do not waste time trying to find my music cravings. I choose my station and go. The only distraction is seeing who is singing this song, but that’s only an open the window, quick glance, and minimize.

I enjoy the music to which I write (which sounds silly–why would you be writing to music you don’t enjoy? That just sounds unpleasant). It’s not music I always play in the car and it’s not music I would off-hand dance to or choreograph to, which is a huge time saver. I haven’t mastered choreographing and writing at the same time.

It’s pretty white noise. It’s in the back ground, but I feel I write better (and faster) when I have this music on. I hear it, I acknowledge it, and let my thoughts ride the notes to the page.

Another 2 week revelation I’ve had is I’m doing a lot of telling instead of showing. Some of this is padding in order to get a word count. I am focusing on quality over quantity even though I have a word quota to meet. Some of this is discovering the story. I’ll do a little free writing and in effort to make clear to myself or trying to find the words I’m looking for I’ll write, “it’s like…” and go for paragraphs circling what I mean until I come in for a landing on exactly what I mean. There is some information dumping. it’ll be a reminder of who this character is or what they want right now.

Instead of editing during my sessions, I’m taking note of what I’m doing. I might do a Stephen King. He writes in the morning and edits in the evening. Fleshing out will also help the word count.