The mind is an amazing place. I marvel at its powers and it’s probably why I’m writing about it in my Nanowrimo novel. It will do what it needs to in order to survive.

Yesterday if I had written this, I would have advised I be locked up for public safety. I understand how people believe in demons and believe someone could be possessed by demons because that’s how depression is sometimes. It’s this out-of-body experience. You are fully aware you are unpleasant and sinking and you’re fighting, but you’re not winning. You’re very much aware of how you’re hurting yourself and other people. It’s like being on a sinking ship. You know you need to get off before the wreckage creates that vacuum that sucks everything down. You’re bailing and jumping, but you’re not getting anywhere; the vortex has already begun.

Because I’m dramatic and a slave to my emotions, one of my characters was going through similar antics. After I got a lot of it out of my system, I continued to write and the character sees an image. It’s of another character’s mother who is thought to be perfect. She is everything this character wants to be and more. But through the image, the character learns how insecure the mother is, even though she is perfect and what so many others want to become, she is still human.

We all know the therapeutic qualities of writing and the power of venting. Every time it happens I am amazed at how after I’ve cleansed myself and  vented through writing, something will happen. I’ll continue writing and the problem will come full circle, the silver lining/ the lesson to be learned will become evident. I will learn how to make a negative situation a positive one. Or my mind will show me another side of a story, it’ll put things in perspective.