On day 22, I hit 45,450 words. I love looking at that stat; I’ll hit the 50,000 mark before the end. And legitimately. None of this searching for punctuation and switching them to “and” to score a couple more words. My goal is 60,000 words because I’m an underwriter. I’d like to have more to work with than less.

As I’m reaching the end, I’m realizing the end is far off. I’m at 45000 and have another 15000 to go. I’m drawing out my resolution because I don’t want the story to end and I have a word count to reach. I’m adding more action than I originally thought I would. I typed out an idea for a subplot today. If I develop it, it would involve the outside world a lot more making it seem like the novel took place in a real world. It also would make the one location where most of the story takes place a microcosm; it would create a world in a fish bowl which could be fun and I think it lends itself to the story.

It’s getting a little more challenging and I’m finding myself writing a lot more exposition and explaining things, probably more for my benefit than anything else. Writing this much in a month is amazing. I’m also aware of all the work ahead. I’m considering not taking a break between drafts to make sure I return to this one. While I’m writing I’m making all these mental notes.
Shouldn’t be making a list while writing.