I hit 50,000 words last Saturday. What I thought was cool was the sentence that made up my 50,000 included all three main characters. It was like an accidental thesis.

I tapped out at 52,412 words. I’m proud they were actual words that belong in the novel; at the eleventh hour I didn’t add all my notes or outlines in order to cross the finish line. It was a really fun experience. I figured out a writing schedule and stuck to it with the help of people around me.

As the saying goes every journey starts with a single step, November was a couple of steps. There’s a wide road ahead but I’m excited to get going. Rewriting ho! For more incentive, I’ve looked up all the independent bookstores in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. These are places I can start visiting and networking with so if I have to self publish I already have a couple of tracks laid.

I have a game plan and I’m going to give it a go. Stay tuned!


Nanowrimo Winner