She sang one of my favorite songs and I didn’t know it until recent. I have loved “Wallflower/Roll with me Henry” since I heard it in the Sister Act when I was little. The next time I knowingly heard her voice was my freshmen year in college. I went to a conference with Women 4 Women. We drove up to Wisconsin and played a cd of women performers. “At Last” was on the cd and when it came on everyone got quiet. Those first two words could do that to a room full of people.

One professor said “At Last” reminded her of sex. For me, it was so much more than that. It was warm and decadent. It was being at peace with someone. There is so much relaxation, thanks, and relief in her voice in those first two words. There is also joy and anticipation. Her voice was able to pack all that into two words. It was “at last” she had arrived and everything was good.

Her voice could transport you places. It made you feel whatever she wanted you to feel. It made you want to dance. It reminded me of sherry, something sophisticated and strong, something that would knock you over and you didn’t care. Her voice made you want to be able to sing and many people I know agree that’s the way blues are supposed to sound.

I admire women who can take on “the boys”. She was an incredible voice that held her own.
I was sorry to see she had passed. Someone said it was sad but they were jealous of heaven. It now had her and Koko Taylor leading the choir.