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My latest British comedy was “Thin Blue Line” with Rowan Atkinson. He plays the commanding officer at a small police precinct in a small, quiet community. It’s a light-hearted law enforcement parody. Some law enforcement parodies portray officers as dense and not caring, profiling with an agenda but it’s okay because they’re the police and they’re above the law, isn’t that funny? This is light-hearted. Sometimes the characters are not the shiniest badges on the uniform. Everyone is in the profession for the right reason. Even the megalomania character who could potentially profile or go for the quick fix for his case doesn’t. He admits when he’s wrong. Begrudgingly, but he admits it, will back down and change his ways if need be. They are there to serve and protect, to keep the peace. Even if they go the long way about it or say some things that makes you worried they’re the ones in charge.

I also liked in each episode there were fun and games until there was a situation. I can’t call it a “serious” note, but each episode had a serious point where they had to be policemen. In one they talk someone off a ledge, in another diffuse a hostage situation and prevent riots. I thought that was a nice development. They could be silly with really quick lines and entendres, but then they had to call upon their strengths to resolve the problem.

And it’s Rowan Atkinson as a cop. How can you go wrong?