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I listened to a teleseminar with Samantha Bennett of the Organized Artist Company on “Shadow Goals”. Shadow goals are goals that prevent you from achieving your real goals. They can be created from fear and grief. We did some exercises and she gave some advice I will heed on how to unravel those factors. But the last exercise we did made my day.

We did an exercise where she had us write down five names. I went with my gut reaction, the first name that came to mind. Here’s my list:

1)Person you consider to have achieved what you want: Tina Fey
2)Any person from history you would want to have dinner with: Stephen Fry
3)Favorite movie/book: “Hard Day’s Night”, White Teeth
4) Favorite article of clothing/accessory: Express black pants back in high school, my houndstooth clutch.
5) Person who has encouraged you: Mom

Then we were to put a word by each name, why we chose them. What did I think made them the most successful? What about this person encouraged me? Again I went with my gut.

1) Persistent
2) Smart, funny
3) Fun, what I was looking for at the time
4) Made me feel sophisticated, classy
5)accepting, loving

“Those words are you,” she said. I burst out laughing. Yeah right. Just because I’m still doing something doesn’t mean I’m persistent. I’m not fun or “what I’m looking for at the time”. Then I thought about it. Maybe I am.
We can aspire to be these traits, she said. I agree with that. I might be these traits, but I can continue to grow into these traits.

All the exercises helped, but the last one especially made me laugh.