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When my homepage came up and there was a picture of a young Davy Jones smiling, I was pleasantly surprised. Not my favorite Monkee but I like someone mentions them, realizes how good they were. I was hoping it was a bit of good information. The next millisecond I was heart-broken to see he had passed away. I felt a pain in my body, an “aw”.

I can’t say he was my least favorite Monkee because I adore each guy for his own special reason and “least” makes it sound like I couldn’t stand him. But it has consistently been Mike Nesmith, then Peter or Micky in second, depending what day it is. Davy was third. Everyone liked Davy and he was perfectly comfortable being the heart-throb so I didn’t feel he was lacking in fan support. And he was always falling in love at the drop of a hat on the show–it annoyed me. He wasn’t my favorite, but he did help make The Monkees. He did have great comedic timing and a stage presence that could melt you (I gather from footage).

I do think he was one of the best Artful Dodgers. I saw footage from when the cast performed on the Ed Sullivan show (same night as The Beatles–small night of talent). He was made for the role. He had this natural mischievous smile. He could look scrappy, hopeful, then hurt. It was a shame he couldn’t be in the movie version of Oliver because of contract obligations with The Monkees. He apparently was Fagan a couple of years ago. I think that’s a cool return to the show, kind of full circle.

I always thought it was cool he was into horses because that was something we had in common. I thought that could be an ice breaker or something we could talk about if we ever met. He trained as a jockey and stuck primarily with racing. He continued riding throughout his career. He had a couple of horses win races a couple of years ago I think.

I saw a news clip before writing this and they said it was a reminder of mortality for that generation. It does feel like a shake up. We had all four Monkees. Peter has not been well; he battled cancer. Mike made a recent announcement that he had been legally blind for a while until he had a surgery. Davy was the youthful one. He was on stage as recently as mid February.
Katie Couric tweeted how her childhood crush had passed. It was nice seeing all the comments about how The Monkees influenced them in some way. You don’t realize what you have until you lose it, even if you didn’t know them.

I grew up watching and listening to The Monkees. Growing up all of a sudden an episode would be on TV. We’d be cleaning and have the TV on for noise and all of a sudden you’d realize who those characters were. I’d ask mom about them and she’d tell me stories about growing up (I’ll tell you two of the stories in a second). I started watching the series because I really enjoy shows from the 60’s. I love A Hard Day’s Night and Richard Lester and the show was inspired by both those people. The subject matter is also pretty to look at.

She had a terrible bout of mono and she was bed ridden. My grandfather was a world-renowned psychologist and taught psychology at Northern Illinois University. When she was so sick he ventured to the local record store for 45’s and LPs for her to pass the time. First it was news on campus that “Duke”, my grandfather, was in the record store, and then he wasn’t picking out classical music. The Monkees were in the selection he brought home.

The other story is of fairy tale proportions. As I said, my grandfather taught psychology. He taught around the world, so I get confused whether the student in the story he taught was over here or in England but…he encouraged a student who was an actor and advised them if they wanted to pursue acting, go for it. They auditioned for this show called Oliver! and made it. As thanks, they said if Bampa ever wanted to see the show, there would be tickets waiting for him and his family. Bampa took him up on it and mom got to see Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger. The former student took them backstage after the show to show them around and mom was in theatre at the time. The former student presented Davy Jones to my grandparents and my mom.

He will be missed but continue to influence singers and actors. I see a mother and daughter talking about celebrity crushes and the daughter asking mom who she liked. I’m sure a picture of Davy Jones will be in the line up and the daughter will get to see what she missed.