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Many of us know actress Kristen Johnston as the awesome Sally from “3rd Rock from a Sun”. Today she was on Dr. Oz promoting her book Guts: The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster. I don’t usually watch Dr. Oz but I wanted to see her. You can see a backstage interview here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos

It broke my heart. She got the book’s title because she was addicted to drugs and alcohol and one night her guts exploded from her body. Doctors have told her there is no way she should be alive and they almost lost her a couple of times in the hospital. Luckily she decided to get help. I didn’t see her entire segment but apparently Dr. Oz asked her why did you use drugs and alcohol. She answered something along the lines of I didn’t like myself. That broke my heart.

She’s an incredibly beautiful woman with great comedic timing. She wasn’t the reason I got into comedy but she is one of the examples I’ve used to show women are funny (yeah, there are some brainiacs out there that say women aren’t funny). I loved her as Sally and could relate to her trying to figure out how to be a woman.

While the show was on I remember reading a quote from her in a magazine about being the tallest person in the room. I don’t remember the quote but I remember how much it made me feel better. This beautiful, funny woman had been where I was (self-conscious, insecure) and look at her now. She inspired me to accept my body and to be funny.

I’m glad she’s on the mend and has used her experience to inspire others. She’s created an organization to bring sobriety to schools in New York:  http://www.slamnyc.org/home.html

I guess one of the things that hit me about Kristen was this incredible woman didn’t like herself. It was like finding out a mentor or a really close friend you look up to is in pain and has been suffering all these years. I wanted to reach through the TV and hug her. I hope she knows she is loved and has done great things and will only do greater.