I think it’s funny how you will hear a piece of advice or other facet of wisdom multiple times and in different ways, but it won’t sink in until you’re ready to hear it.

Last night while I was debating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I read an article by Michael Hauge called “Do You Really Want to Be a Screenwriter?”( http://www.writersstore.com/do-you-really-want-to-be-a-screenwriter ).It was a quick, to the point, and honest article that goes over the pros and cons of screenwriting, some thing you want to consider before pursuing a career in screenwriting. I experienced a dawn of clarity that kept me up most of the night excited for the future. ( I also have no problem staying up all night so keep that in mind).

What hit me was we do this because we love stories. It seems so basic sometimes. I’ve heard that from numerous people and almost rudely brushed it off. Yeah yeah we love stories get to the good part. But then I really thought about it. I do love stories. Take away everything else that gets piled on as you become a writer and trying to make your work the best it can be and we love stories. There is something about an idea that holds us captive and we want to hear more about it. I thought about my favorite movies, I return to them because of the way they make me feel and I realized they do that with story.

My little revelation gave me confidence in some of my ideas and provided some focus. What stories do I have right now that really  get me excited? What sound like great ideas to me? The idea that story could be a reality is what kept me up.