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A friend of mine is in a great deal of pain and I’m not sure what to say to comfort her because I know how I’d feel in her situation and I can’t fathom it. I’ve felt guilty at the idea of blogging; everything I considered writing felt insensitive and inconsiderate. Then I remembered seeing this last week:


We talk music and movies when we see each other, so I thought a light-hearted tribute to Michael Nesmith, musician, producer, funny guy and creator of MTV, would be nice. I’ve wanted to comment on it but also didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to talk about it without sounding like a 12-year-old girl gushing. I “like” Mike on Facebook and have enjoyed his posts. There’s something very soothing and fatherly about them. As I mentioned in my post about Davy Jones (https://coracoco.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/musings-on-davy-jones/ ), I read Mike’s post and just felt better.  I’m glad someone else started the conversation about him so I can continue it.

When talking about bands like The Monkees or The Beatles, people always ask who is your favorite? I try not to  say because I believe everyone is there for a reason. They are the whole we enjoy because each member brings something different. Please try to picture The Beatles without John, Paul, George or Ringo. The Monkees don’t get the credit they deserve and each guy brought a distinct personality to the group. You can say the personality was geographical: Micky was California, Peter was East Coast/New York, Davy was England, and Mike was Texas. That being said, doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorites.

During the Bush Regime, I swore I’d never like a Texan. Turned on the TV, saw an episode The Monkees, saw Mike Nesmith, and it was all over from that point on. I am a sucker for a Southern accent (hello, Jim Parsons). I also like presence and talent. I don’t listen to his work all the time, his songs are some of my favorites from The Monkees. He’s just someone I like to think about–how his early life effected his present, how we’d get along if we ever meet (just to be creepy).

There some great video clips in the article, including his screen test for The Monkees. You can find all the guys screen tests on YouTube and they’re really fun. But that’s just me.