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As I stand with my blow dryer on low heat drying my spiral notebook containing half a novel, I think,  “I should have typed this out.”

Usually I like to write things out by hand then type them out. I get organized on the page by writing by hand, get everything out that I need to, then I can start to rewrite as I type it. Some people can write first drafts on the computer. Why hand write it if you’re going to type it anyway? For Nanowrimo, I typed daily. It was very helpful. It kept my word count. I didn’t fall behind because I wasn’t finding it easier to hand write pages out then never type them, weakening my word count and forcing me to copy and paste random stuff at the end to make up for the lack of typing. My blogs I now write on the computer.

I got the notebook out to start typing it and to see what work I needed to do on it. The work started with blow drying the pages. I can barely read the writing 1)because it’s faded from the water 2) my handwriting when I’m in the zone rivals Sanscrit and not in a good way. I know some of the words are my symbols and shorthand to save time as I’m writing (because you can lose a lot of speed writing out a four letter word versus a symbol, for example the word “music” vs a treble clef symbolizing the word).

I can’t spend a whole lot of time on the computer because of my eyes. As I remarked during Nanowrimo, after a session I feel like scooping my eyes out with melon ballers if the orbs don’t ooze out on their own( https://coracoco.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/day-8-in-the-trenches/ ) . I have double vision and light sensitivity so there’s a ticking clock when I start typing or working on the computer in general. “So type faster,” I hear myself and a couple of you saying. I can get a pretty good clip going if I’m “free writing”, not reading/transferring a page to the computer. Remember I have to translate Sanscrit while typing.

But it is a lot easier in the end. After I’ve finished a project and I let it sit, I like to read it to see what’s going on. It’s a lot easier to read a typed page than my handwriting while thinking of all the typing I’m going to have to do.

That’s just me. What do you think is better? Do you type or write by hand?