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If you asked me to make a list of movies that made me feel better, I wouldn’t have guessed “Inception” would be on there. But it would be. Not necessarily because of the movie itself, but the ideas it inspired in me.

Nolan started writing it when he was younger but kept working on it. I see how he’d need to be older in many ways to finish it. To make the concept all it could be it needed the elegance of experience, not someone who may still be in the mix of things.

In the beginning I realized they were laying all the groundwork and explaining all the rules. He did it better than I could at this time but still I was watching the first half of the movie feeling disappointed and wondering if Mystery Science Theatre had a field day with this movie.

But the third act made it all worth while, when they implement the plan and do the job.

Amidst all this sci-fi awesomeness, things are said we can relate to, like the statement that ideas can define you or destroy you. While Eleanor Roosevelt said no one can hurt you unless you let them, memories stay with us. What do you do with the things that haunt you?
I was told one way to face your fears was to make art. I like that idea because you can develop the art up and sell it. In a way, you win. You took your pain and made it work for you.

I got several ideas from “Inception”, one was about a resort that helps you change the past. Another was make list of all those memories and regrets that haunt you and go down the list. Confront and release. Turn each into a story and rewrite it (or don’t). I was writing the stories, then blasting them into the unreal (because sometimes people don’t believe the truth (Listener: “No, that couldn’t have possibly happened”, Me: “Right you caught me. I’m lying.”)). Once it’s on the page, it’s out there.

Release it to the world (publish or perform it) and people will make of it what they will. They interpret things for themselves. They make connections and figure out how they relate to what you just said. Some can learn from it, others can have a good giggle. By sharing your pain, others can heal. Our job is not to give solutions but present the problem in as many ways as needed so someone will take action (or we could circumvent the whole artist thing and take action ourselves). That being said I think more artists are taking action.

So that is why “Inception” would make my “Movies that Make Me Feel Better” list, for all the awesome ideas it gave me (or someone planted there because maybe I was dreaming while watching). It would have also made the list because I’ve had a crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt since “Third Rock from the Sun” and hearing him say, “Gimme a kiss,” made my night.