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I never thought the day would come. There was actually a movie I couldn’t finish. I didn’t even make it to the half way mark. I have sat through a lot of hings: bad writing, bad acting, bad concept, the how’d-they-get-money-for-this?/who-thought-this-was-a-good-idea (there’s the theory “Nobody knows anything” and then there’s common sense). I’m about trying things because you don’t know what you’ll enjoy or what you’ll learn. Bestiality, incest, and general degradation all at once all in the same place all in 90 minutes was my line. The film I couldn’t finish was John Waters’ “Pink Flamingos”.

I don’t want to sound morally superior or prude. I read a synopsis to see what I was missing after I turned it off. The idea is good: who is the dirtiest person alive? Removed, it’s commentary on what people are willing to do. I was really uncomfortable seeing what people were willing to do. You’re supposed to show in film and he accomplished that.

I was wondering if that was his point. As the characters are in pursuit of the title “Filthiest People Alive” and do all sorts of things, is there a limit to what we as the audience are willing to see? This was released in theatres and people paid to see it. It’s a cult classic, known for pushing barriers. Was he wanting us to notice how we feel when we saw it?

I’m going to try it again but when I’m in a different mood and maybe watch with a group of people. I just felt bad for Divine and the chicken.