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I have a tendency to sometimes get into people after they pass. I knew Kurt Vonnegut’s work but didn’t start reading it until after he passed. Nora Ephron is a little different. She’s legendary. I respect and admire her immensely, but I am not a huge, huge fan of her work.

I’m not a fan of romantic comedy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect her and appreciate her work. Maybe I saw “When Harry Met Sally” at the wrong time in my life. I was not excited about “Julie, Julia” even though I like Julia Childs and am getting into her more. That doesn’t mean they’re not well written. I have seen her cited as proof of a good romantic comedy. She does write strong women characters. They are often left to the wind in romantic comedies even when women write them. I think it shows what a developed and strong woman she was. It was like she was able to separate herself from the idea that they were about a romantic relationship. Some women fall into almost a victim state when they write rom coms. Their writing bleeds the insecurities they feel in a relationship and because they’re so close to the material they can’t make it what it needs to be (not speaking from experience at all…eh-hem).

I’ve been afraid of romantic comedies almost because I’m afraid of the feminine. I hate the women in them. I want them to ask what’s wrong and tell them to shape up. It scares me that I might be watching me (I really don’t think so but there’s always that fear). Ephron was strong enough I don’t think I felt that way when watching her work. I’m also not a huge fan of Meg Ryan so that had something to do with it.

You can’t read a writing book without her name being mentioned. I think she’s the one who typed out a screenplay just to learn the feel and format (I could be wrong).

She inspires me as a director, just that she did it and did as much as she did. Some of them weren’t box office successes but she kept going. She did both stage and screen which is something I’m also interested in.

I’m interested in reading some of her essays. I haven’t consciously read them. They sound really interesting.

When I saw she had passed, I felt a pang. It’s sad. She was a great woman and inspired so many people in so many ways. I know how she inspired me and when she passed I learned how she effected so many other women in my life.