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London knew how to open and close the Olympics. Open with Rowan Atkinson and close with Eric Idle.

I enjoyed the closing ceremonies much more than the opening ceremonies. I was wondering if that was because the director for the opening ceremonies, Danny Boyle, primarily does film while the director of the closing ceremonies, Kim Gavin, was a choreographer and director of stage. Theatre in the round was much more of their thing versus the film director and his cast of thousands, “Hey let’s build a countryside, then tear down creatively, and see what happens from there.”

Closing ceremonies are supposed to be more of a celebration, a “Congratulations! You made it/ survived.” I enjoyed the rock concert aspect. It was much better than the iPod shuffle remix of the opening ceremonies. I wasn’t crazy about Jessie J with Queen, but that’s me. They could have imported Adam Lambert for the evening, but I know why they went with her. It was cool seeing Brian May play.

I did wonder how many of the Olympians knew who the Spice Girls were. I was in sixth grade when they were popular so most of them were in the womb. I think some were going, “Okay that’s Beckham’s wife…that’s the one who was on Dancing with the Stars…and friends!”

Closing ceremonies seemed much more focused and had more flow than the opening ceremonies with their disjointed, “And now for something completely different” but not in a good way presentation. You can’t talk about England without mentioning Monty Python so I’m glad they were at least in the closing ceremonies. I hope the athletes had fun.