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Like the announcer said during the closing ceremonies it’s been a fantasy land for the last 17 days and now it will be back to reality land. Yeah– what am I supposed to write about?

As most of the media or anyone else who has to generate content, I’ve relied on the Olympics for fodder. I can write about their awesomeness, their foibles, my olympic dreams and bugs. All of a sudden, out of nowhere we have the closing ceremonies. No! I’m not done yet (as I’m sure some athletes also felt). I have several more posts I have to get out.

It’s a harsh re-entry back to Earth, like the ones you fear when you hear someone’s gone into space. All of a sudden you’re back to your regularly scheduled programming. Wait…what are these shows? Gymnastics should be on. Track and field, skeet shooting something! Who are these people? Your sleep schedule has gotten so out of schedule your body really doesn’t know what to do. It no longer has to hang in there until 2 in the morning on the edge of its seat. It can stay up till 2 now because you can’t get to sleep for the old reasons.
So like many other media outlets, I’m trying to milk the Olympics for all their worth.

There’s Oscar Pistorious, I have barely talked about him. That’s at least one post if not two. And it’s remotely timely because the Paralympics are coming up.

I could postulate about Phelps’ retirement but a lot of people are doing that and I don’t know if I’d add anything different (still have my bid in to ghostwrite his autobiography).

I could wax rhapsodic about my Olympic ambitions but that’d be really boring. I have some fun posts planned. Some stations are showing highlights for the rest of the week. I’ll just squeak it out. Anything I can do to postpone returning to reality.