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Certain things happen in order for you to categorize a day “good” or “bad”. Recently one thing that has linked all bad days together has been a particular song. That’ll be the red flag for me to keep my head up, try a little harder, and just be careful. Now when I hear the song, I’ve learned to run for cover.

When I first heard the song “Oh Well, Oh Well” by Mayday Parade I thought it was catchy. The chorus would launch itself in my brain and roll around in there for hours. I enjoy the band. I’ve enjoyed several of their covers and felt they have improved the song by covering it. Then I realized when I would hear their latest song, I’d start to feel my energy changing. Insecurity crept back in. Negativity flooded my veins. It’s an omen. A song was my jinx.

Maybe because it was a herald from my past and a time when I was really insecure. For some reason, I was really drawn to emo bands. They didn’t sit right with me, but I couldn’t get enough. I loved the music, but there was something stabbing me in the side that didn’t feel right (not that there’s a stabbing that feels amazing). The bands didn’t like me. Their fans really didn’t like me. I was on the outside of outsiders, excluded from the excluded that had banded together…and melodramatic me would go on.
Then all of a sudden it stopped. Maybe it was the dispersal of Fall Out Boy, maybe it was attending one of the best concerts I have ever attended, but all of a sudden the urge quieted. I still enjoy the music but I can just enjoy it now.

I was having a horrible day and left the shop to cool down and vent. I am flattered the universe thinks I can take all it throws at me but sometimes I really think it’s just bored and wants to see what happens. It’s kind of like life is “Wipeout” and the universe is at that obstacle where they shoot suds at you to make things even more slippery (and entertaining). I wondered if this black cloud I was under was a sign I wasn’t doing something or not doing something right and it was trying to get me to change. Then I heard the opening bars to the song. I just pulled over.

I cooled off and decided, “How do you diffuse a bad day and its link to a song?” You can either dance to it or really listen to the lyrics. Since I’m at the shop, I decided to do the latter. I brought up a lyrics video on YouTube and listened and read. Some of the lyrics weren’t what I thought they were, which helped tremendously. The song could be about many things. For me at this moment, it was about dealing with change. I have rough days sometimes because I’m dealing with change and trying to grow. As much as I want to change, old ways fight back. Things get harder before they get better. As a character in a book or film will say after narrowly escaping an attempt on their life, “We’re getting closer. They’re getting scared.”

So I’m now looking at the song as a thing of comfort instead of a black cherry on top of a tragic sundae. I’ll still keep a weary eye open just in case.

This might be a link to Mayday Parade’s Video for “Oh Well, Oh Well”, it might not.

Mayday Parade “Oh Well, Oh Well” Director’s Cut

If not here’s the band’s website: